Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tampa to Atlanta

I woke up in an actual bed and I must say it felt pretty good.  This was the first time since I started traveling that I've done that.  Going from couch to couch is not really good on my body.  5 years ago I was living on couches and now I'm complaining about it.  Some things certainly do change I guess.  The aches are starting to build up and it's only the start of the 4th morning.  I worked out hard for 3 months prepping for this trip but I think I skipped the smaller muscles in my neck and back that seem to be doing all the work.  Thankfully I brought a giant bottle of Ibuprofen with me.  That should help me out until my body adapts to my 80mph barstool.   My neck seems to be the most sore.   The wind bobbles my helmet around pretty well at full speed and it's taken it's toll on my neck muscles.  I'm sure I could slow down to reduce the wind but we all know that's not going to happen.    I refuse to ride without a helmet so that's also not an option.  I'll just have to suffer until my body adapts.

So, back to where I started.  I woke up to at my brother's new place in North Tampa to the sounds of the two 2 year old twins yapping about this an that.  At one point one of them screamed "uncle danny is here" when they saw my bags or something???  I guess they forgot I had showed up the day before.  Who knows what these kids think about.  One minute they're crying the next they're happy as can be.  Being a parent is probably a lot like dating crazy chicks.  I've got plenty of experience there so maybe I'll be the best Father anyone has ever heard of.  

They came running into the guest room to jump on the bed while I was typing the last blog entry for "you people".  I'm easily distracted so I started coming up with clever ways to make them shooo for another 15 mins while I put words and sentences together.  The only thing that came to mind was telling them to go ask their daddy for pancakes for breakfast.  It worked,  now my brother had 2 toddlers running around demanding pancakes before he went to work and I was able to finish the blog just in time for hot pancakes.  

After breakfast, which the kids barely touched because they don't really like pancakes,  hahaha, everyone had places to be.  I was in for a long 460 mile ride to my sisters place in NW Atlanta, my brother had to be at work and my sister in law had to take the kids for a check up.  I slowly got around to packing the bike back up and washing some laundry.  I don't have much clothes with me so this laundry chore is going to wear on my nerves.  Talk about my least favorite of the household chores.  I've seriously debated on getting a mail order bride sent to the house just so I wouldn't ever have to do laundry again in my life.  Or at least until she takes her half of my cash and moves on to the next idiot.

I hopped on the bike with a full belly and a few cups of coffee in me at about 10 am.  Late start but I didn't care.  I had a very, very long date with I-75 to Atlanta.  I debated for a while on taking back roads but the weather forecast didn't look good.  I knew I was going to get wet today so I figured why not haul into Atlanta as quickly as possible and get it over with.  Florida's scenic roads aren't that boring but they certainly aren't worth an extra four hours to get to Atlanta.  Besides that,  I was trying to get to my sisters place in time for dinner.  My niece Jessica is having a birthday this weekend and I needed to put in some quality uncle time with her and my nephew Tyler.

The ride was pretty uninteresting except for watching a tire rip to shreds right in front of me.  A tractor trailer hauling a doublewide down the highway must have had a flat because one minute we're all doing 70 and the next I'm driving thru a blizzard of tire shreds, vinyl siding and house insulation.    There was a lot of rain.  There seems to be a daily rain theme.

I got into Atlanta at 5.  Traffic sucks.  Traffic really sucks on a giant motorcycle that weighs a ton wearing a waterproof riding jacket because it's raining and its also 94 degrees out.  By the time I got to my sisters I was beat tired and wanted to lay down.  Nope.  Little Jessica wanted to play and cry at the same time and Tyler wanted to just hang out.  He's 7 or 8 now so he's pretty fun to talk to.  He's curious about the coolest things.  After a little bit of time at the house we all went out to dinner and I stuffed my face.  I don't know if it's because I'm a fat kid or if it's the road but lately I cant seem to find enough food.  Hopefully I'm not preggo..  I dont know if I can handle that right now.

Alright,  I need sleep.  Tomorrow is a big day.  THE DRAGON   Hit like, comment or share... you guys should know the drill by now.

I also fixed yesterdays video if you want to scroll back that way.  Nothing amazing, just a bike ride thru the lower keys.