Monday, July 29, 2013


It's Sunday night, 1159pm ish.  I am half packed and half asleep.

I got off the rig Friday and hit the ground running fast.  I was really exited to get home after 35days on my steel island in the Gulf of Mexico and I immediately had a few bar tabs to prove it.  It was a long and exhausting 5 weeks with too little sleep and way too much work but that's the norm out there.  But that really isn't what this tale is supposed to be about so I'll get back to it.

Saturday morning I woke up at 10 am after about 2 hrs of sleep.  Friday nights have their way of working themselves into Saturdays sometimes and this Friday proved to be no exception.  I awoke to my alarm with an unbelievably intense hangover, but a smile from early morning escapades and thoughts of pending adventure none the less.   My bike needed to get dropped off at 8 am at the BMW dealership for a final inspection and full fluid change, I was of course 4+ hrs late.  The trip is starting out just as I anticipated, hungover and not according to schedule.  A couple Aspirin and about a half a gallon of water later the GS was where it needed to be.   My mechanic Huel knows what I'm up to.  His attention to detail is exactly what the Dr. ordered.  If anything is in the wrong place he'll find it and make it right before I get going.  His attention to detail will hopefully make up for my lack of know-how.

The bike was getting worked on and I wanted to take a nap, I also wanted to have some fun with my friends while I was in town.  The urge to turn around midway thru this trip due to missing some of them might prove to be a force to be reckoned with so I decided to maximize my time and push thru the hangover...   A little hair of the dog later I was back on two wheels.   Ormond Loop ride with Desiree on her Yamaha R6S was first on the to do list.   She told me not to write about her understeer into the sand so I won't...

Sunday was pack day.  I wont bore you with all the details of what I'm bringing and why I've chosen to bring it.   The pile of camping and riding gear you see in the picture below is supposed to fit in 2 saddle bags and the top box.  Im also taking a waterproof (ish) duffel bag with some clothes and riding jacket.  Finally a tank bag full of camera gear and all sorts of stupid electronics that I'm too stubborn to leave behind.  The bike is going to be a heavy lady but that's no excuse to not dance with her.  I'm sure she's going to want lead most of the time but after a few bouts I'm sure we'll find our rhythm.   The Tail of the Dragon in TN will be our first test.

I'm not sure what time I'll set out tomorrow from Daytona.  I'm headed to Key West by way of Ft. Lauderdale.   I'm looking forward to getting this started.  It should be an interesting day of 95 degree heat and our famous Florida thunderstorms mixed with some I-95 traffic.  

I've been guessing and second guessing my abilities to do this but I wont quit before I get started.   Once I start I doubt I'll want to stop.   My Grandfather (see 2nd post) called me on Saturday.  He wished me luck and reminded me how much fun it'll be once i get in the rhythm of the trip, to just wake up and go for a bike ride every day without a care in the world.   He also scolded me for not taking him with me.  I had to promise to take him with me next time...  

Tomorrow it is...    Hope you guys are enjoying this..  Its about to get started.