Sunday, June 16, 2013

an idea

Since my first post people have been asking my where I got the idea for the trip and I completely understand why.  It's not everyday someone decides that they're going to ride an iron horse across a continent for no other reason other then to find out what's over there and to see if they can.  Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that I'm following in the path of my Grandfathers footsteps.  In about 1990 he set out on a trip with 2 of his buddies from Guatemala to Alaska.   They set out for roughly 2 months without a plan, just some trusty bikes (BMW's of course) some camping gear and the itch to roam the long road North.
As a young boy I remember being in awe as he told tales of meager roadside campsites, glacial cold, desert heat, precarious mountain passes, majestic Alaskan wildlife and deplorable road conditions.  He was a giant amongst men each time he stood there nonchalantly telling stories of his great ride.     I still ask him questions about it every time I see him.  Each time I ask for another tale I see a hidden smile across his face.  I'm sure it is a subconscious smile as he thinks back in his mental filling cabinet and remembers the trip in its entirety.  I've probably asked for and heard most of the details a few times but to this day I still enjoy hearing about it just as I'm sure he loves to recall and tell the tale.  That subconscious smile of his that hasn't worn away after so many years is exactly what I'm after.  An EPIC experience of any kind can put that grin on your face just as a man going to war can end up with a thousand yard stare.  I hope that my future kids and their kids will find half as much joy and inspiration in my jaunt across the continent as I have come to have in my Grandfather's trip.
Here's a photo of my grandfather and his road buddies on their trip.  My Grandfather is on the left


So, there I was on the rig, (I work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in case you don't know, seriously pay attention there might be a quiz later.) minding my own business on the dog watch.  I started thinking about the upcoming summer and what kinds of fun I would be getting into.  I normally spend my summers bouncing back and forth between surfing, paddle boarding, boozing, boating and fishing.  Sprinkle in a few road trips to see friends within a few hours drive or a short flight across a few states and you've got every summer for the past 6 years.  I know to some that sounds pretty awesome but I have never been a fan of being stuck in a routine no matter how fun the routine can be.  The thought of missing out on a few days on the same boat heading to the same island or a few thirsty Thursday nights heading out to the same bars doesn't bother me very much.   Even if I have a miserable time getting rained on or run off the road by texting drivers the fact that I don't have to listen to the same girls complain that there aren't any nice guys in town one minute then turn around and listen to them tell me how in love they are with the guy that mows the lawn at the Burger King but its "complicated" because they've been cheating on each other with their exes.  Not having to deal with that will be enough for me to enjoy what's in store for me and hurry on my way out of town.

All negativity aside, I decided right then and there at about 3am on the rig that now is the time to do this trip, now is the time to test my meddle against the road North.   Aside from missing out on some legitimately good times with friends and family, which hopefully will be right where I left them when I get back, there aren't too many reasons not to go.  My heart belongs to me and me alone at the moment so that's not a problem, the weather in Alaska is good enough this time of year "by Alaskan standards" (whatever that means??  I am sure I'll find out about that soon enough) and If for no other reason then to satisfy the itch of going.

So that's it,  I'm going North and you'll have a hard time trying to stop me.

 If you're reading this THANK YOU for following along, more is on the way....  comments and ridicule always welcome.



    1. Hopefully by the time I'm done you'll feel like you're right there with me. Thanks for reading